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Quality Policy

Using the latest technology and knowledge, Takhsis Pars Engineering & Management Company (TPEMCO) is one of the companies active in offering consulting engineering services related to civil, construction and industrial projects as well as design-build, project management,affairs related to financing ofcivil and industrial contracts, joint venture and investment.

Aiming to fulfil its clients’ requirements, TPEMCO is implementing its quality policy, which is based on the international ISO 9001:2008.For additional information click on Full text

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Capabilities and Services

Architecture and Urban Development Group

Imam Khomeini's Grand Mosque, Tehran

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Water & Wastewater Engineering Group

Project Management Unit (PMU) for a portion of Hamedan Wastewater Project

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Transportation Group

Consulting services to general office of building and installation of the IRI Railway

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International Projects

Hamah Cement Plant

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Some of our International pojects

Some of our projects in Iran