Benefiting from the expertise of senior engineers with valuable experience in the national infrastructure industry, Takhsis Pars Engineering and Management Company (TPEMCO) started its operation in 2001, as an active group, in the fields of engineering and management. Through utilization of valuable experiences of its managers in project management and reliance on notable successes in implementation of national and international projects, TPEMCO has since turned into one of the well-known companies specialized in the field of architecture and urban design. The Company is also active in the fields of water and wastewater and cooperation, with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), on international projects. Other specialties of TPEMCO include development of technical, financial, and economic feasibility studies of various projects for presentation to the international development banks through which, the Company has been able to facilitate IDB financing for many water and wastewater projects. TPEMCO is now in a position to technically lead, as the main consultant, large projects such as Imam Khomeini’s Grand Masque Project, which is one of national exemplary architectural projects.


Formed by a group of highly specialized and experienced experts, Takhsis Pars Engineering and Management Company (TPEMCO) has been providing a full range of consulting services in various fields of engineering, such as architecture and urban development, water and wastewater, industrial construction (such as cement and grain silo plants), for many years. TPEMCO’s activities, which cover a wide spectrum of services (such as project management, project control, basic and detail design, contract services, project financing, through collaboration with domestic and international financial institutions, and supervision over implementation of project (CE&I) in various public and private sectors), indicate high level of expertise, know-how and experience of the company and Clients’ satisfaction with the company’s managers and experts in large civil and industrial projects. TPEMCO believes by utilizing its pivotal motto (Optimized Allocation of Resources) in project management, engineering design, and CE&I, one can achieve project objectives, which are none other than reduction of costs, time and construction materials and improvement of work quality .

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Quality Policy

Using the latest technology and knowledge, Takhsis Pars Engineering & Management Company (TPEMCO) is one of the companies active in offering consulting engineering services related to civil, construction and industrial projects as well as design-build, project management,affairs related to financing ofcivil and industrial contracts, joint venture and investment.
Aiming to fulfil its clients’ requirements, TPEMCO is implementing its quality policy, which is based on the international ISO 9001:2008. The said quality policy is based on the following pivots:

  1. Implementation of services in accordance with the clients’ requirements, within the set time and cost, with the aim of providing desired quality
  2. Strive to increase productivity at all levels of organization and projects with the aim of providing interestsof all beneficiaries
  3. Promotion of qualifications and infrastructures in order to expand scope of services with the aim of accessing national and international markets
  4. Enhance quality through expansion of process approach based on new management techniques and founded on information and communication technology
  5. Monitoring and upgrading professional merit of human resources through the use of personnel views with the aim of promoting level of organizational motivation

Realization of the above policies and achieving the set goals require participation and commitment of all personnel and, in this pursuit, the senior management committedto providing proper working conditions and facilities for continual improvement and effectiveness of quality management system, within the set quality policy, and review the same on a yearly basis.