Architecture and Urban Development Group

Imam Khomeini’s Grand Mosque, Tehran
Sepand Office-Commercial Building
National Oil Products Distribution Company’s Installation Building
National Iranian Drilling Company’s Multi-purpose Reception Hall (Ahwaz)

National Iranian Drilling Company’s

Shian Mosque Consulting Services

Design of sports hall Tehran Kala Naft Company Ray City

Project management services related to a building Tehran Kala Naft Manufacturing Support and Procurement Company Tehran

Project consulting services related to provision for and installation of equipment at Amphitheater Club number 1 Hall Tehran Kala Naft Manufacturing Support and Procurement Company

Supervision over planning and control of several projects Ghararga-he Qorb-e-Basij affiliated with Gharaga-he Khatamu-al-Anbia

Consulting services Tehran city municipality office’s Center for Studies and Planning

General comparison of detailed and comprehensive plans of District 21District 21 city municipality office

Contract review services, project control and case engineering study of some projects General Office of Rails and Buildings of the IR of Iran’s Railway

Studies, research and consulting services for Phase 1 of 29th of Bahman commercial, office and recreational complex Mehrab Omran Construction Company Tabriz Feb. 2011

Phase zero studies (for permit change) of Shahid Haqqani, Shahid Khoddami and Atieh office-residential projects Behsaz Kashaneh Construction Company