Project Description

Project Specifications

  • Kashan Sewage Project:

    Project title: Kashan Sewage Project

    • Client: Kashan Water & Wastewater Company with financing provided by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB)

    Services Carried out:

    Rendering of project management consulting services through support of project implementation unit (PIU) of Kashan Water & Wastewater Company (KWWC)

    Preparation and general updating of project’s technical, executive and procurement plans in coordination with the Employer

     Preparation of integrated project progress reports for presentation to the project beficiaries such as Islamic Development Bank (IDB), National Water & Wastewater Engineering Company and KWWC

    Coordination between KWWC and IDB

    Coordination, planning and project control services

    Management of quality control and administrative operations

    Project financial management

    Management of activities of project consultants

    Management of activities of project contractors

    Project Specifications:

    Project financial management, auditing and reporting

    Construction of 330 km of main lines of wastewater collection network and installation of connections

    Design, build and operation (DBO) of (wastewater) treatment plant, using fully-mixed activated sludge method, with a capacity of 100,000 people

    Operation of identification (locating) of infrastructure installations using Geo-Radar (non-destructive identification)

    Implementation of the project based on a -2year time table within the municipal district (8 km/month avg.)