Established in 2002 ,Takhsis Pars Engineering and Management Company (TPEMCO) is a full-service multi-discipline engineering and management  firm, based in Tehran, Iran and committed to providing top quality engineering services in various fields. Our success is due, in large part, to the outstanding qualifications of our staff. Benefiting from a wide variety of expertise, technical  know-how and successful experiences of its founders, managers and experts in large civil and industrial projects (in both public and private sectors) such as construction of dams, water and sewerage projects, grain silos, industrial buildings, urban development and alike, TPEMCO has potential abilities and is ready and willing to render high quality  comprehensive engineering management and consultancy services, in the fields mentioned hereunder, to the satisfaction of the clients in both public and private sectors. TPEMCO strives to provide each client with innovative& cost effective solutions for projects of all sizes.  A member of the Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers, and a registered consulting engineering  firm with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), with grade 1 engineering business certificate for design and construction of residential, commercial, office, industrial and military buildings, among others,  TPEMCO is certified by DQS GmbH and IQNET as ISO 9001:2008 compliant in quality management system


Registration as a consultant with IDB
Cooperation of the firm with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB)